About Us

At Digital Karma, our aim is to help the customer make informed choices. This is made possible by empowering them with the knowledge that they can trust and rely on. Digital Karma helps you make better decisions about what to buy and how to get maximum value out of every product by giving a deeper insight into product features.

Our team consists of experts coming from diverse fields and are driven by our goal to help the consumers. Before writing any review or performing tests on the products, we always put the best interests of the customers on the front line. We are a non-profit organization and are constantly working with the consumers to create a fair world.

We pick up multiple products from the same category, test them, compare them, and share our conclusions based on various parameters that differ for the various types of products. Even the parameters are decided based on the feedback from the consumers.

Our reviews are written keeping the consumer in mind, more than any brand. You may buy anything between a health product and an electronic product, you can always visit our website before investing your hard earned money on it and we’ll be here to help you with our comparisons and reviews to make the best decision.