Advanced Hair Studio Review


Advanced Hair Studio initiated its operations 45 years ago in the USA. Currently, it has around 300 studios across countries like the USA, UK, India, Australia, and so on. It specifically caters to the hair and scalp problems. Till now, Advanced Hair Studio has catered to more than 1 million clients worldwide. Some of the distinguishable services offered are:

  • Advanced Hair Check
  • Advanced Laser Therapy
  • Strand-by-Strand The Ultimate
  • Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic
  • Advanced Hair Studio’s Blitz
  • Flashpoints
  • Advanced Hair Magic

They have an impressive clientele that includes celebrities from the Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, and so on. But, despite all this hype, are their services worth considering? Let us have a look at the detailed review of Advanced Hair Studio services.

Medical Effectiveness of Hair Growth Treatment – 2.5/5

Advanced Hair Studio applies an unconventional approach while prescribing medicines to the patients. For examples, they prescribe Saw Palmetto instead of Finasteride. The former is a natural compound but it is less effective than Finasteride. The crux of the statement is that the medicines are not effective in dealing with the hair problems.

Staff Expertise in Hair Growth Treatment – 2/5

The profile of the organization is heavily dependent on the expertise of the staff. When you arrive at one of the Advanced Hair Studios, you will be aghast to know that the staff doesn’t seem to be qualified professionals. Instead, they follow a predetermined pattern. They don’t have knowledge beyond the prescribed limit. This actually makes them unprofessional in treatment for hair loss

Identifying the Solution for Hair Loss – 2.5/5

Advanced Hair Studio’s management is more focused towards increasing sales. No doubt, they have plush interiors and trained management staff. But instead of working on their services, they tend to focus more on sales. They are keener on suggesting a hair treatment procedure rather than analyzing the condition properly. If a particular solution doesn’t work, they ask a client to opt for another treatment.

Hair Restoration Techniques – 3/5

Advanced Hair Studio offers various hair and scalp treatment procedures for problems like hair fall, hair thinning, baldness, itchy scalp, etc. But, all treatments don’t work for everyone. For example, laser treatment is not suitable for every patient. Before recommending a treatment, they should consider this fact so that the client doesn’t waste time and money on unnecessary treatments.

Value for Money – 2/5

If you get all these aforementioned services at more-than-expected costs, disappointment seems to be inevitable. The same is true with Advanced Hair Studio. Their services are expensive in comparison to the services offered by their competitors. On top of this, if you don’t get the desired results, it is a sheer waste of money.

Pros of Advanced Hair Studio 

  • Advanced Hair Studio offers extensive range of services for hair and scalp problems
  • They have unique procedures for the effective hair treatments
  • They have established their studios in most of the prominent cities of India and the world

Cons of Advanced Hair Studio 

  • Their services are too expensive. It becomes difficult for a common man to opt for the treatment at Advanced Hair Studio
  • Advanced Hair Studio is reluctant towards bringing changes in the organization. Their major focus is on sales rather than on the services
  • Advanced Hair Studio’s take on the consultation and diagnosis aspects is not so promising

Karma Review 

Advanced Hair Studio has established a reputed identity for itself. But, as per our review, it is not able to maintain that reputation in the hair care industry. Their association with the elite people seems to be on a constant growth. But, this has resulted in higher treatment costs. When the customer avails treatment but does not notice considerable results, the negative review spoils Advanced Hair Studio’s reputation.

In most of the cases, the hair treatment processes such as laser treatment and hair transplant did not meet the expectations of the clients. Blame it on the poor diagnosis or ineffective treatments, the results seem to be disappointing. Advanced Hair Studio should revise their operations for better results and enhanced customer satisfaction.

They don’t have any particular products for the treatment. If this factor is considered, they can expand their range of services by offering cost-effective solutions. As of now, the treatments are beyond the reach of a common man.

Would I buy Advanced Hair Studio services?

Not at all! As per our review, Advanced Hair Studio doesn’t meet the expectations. Their services are ineffective and the costs exceed the budget of the potential customers. Instead of focusing on marketing gimmicks, they should streamline their services for better results.

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