Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai | Customer Feedback

Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai | Journey of Shashi 

Ayurvedic massages are thoroughly blissful and extremely relaxing. The oils used for these massages are inanely beneficial and add a touch of glow to the skin. During my vacation in Kerala, I had tried the Ayurvedic massage. It was such a magical experience that I wanted to get it done again. Also, living in Mumbai, struggling with the traffic and insane work hours, it was becoming really overwhelming. I was looking for a short break, which an Ayurvedic massage could definitely provide.

While I was browsing for genuine Ayurvedic clinics, I stumbled upon NuAyurveda. Their website was impressive, and I could see that they had 5 branches in Mumbai. I booked an appointment for their Chembur clinic, ayurvedic massage in mumbailocated near the Maitri park. On the day of the appointment, I was up bright and early, unable to contain my excitement. I just wanted NuAyurveda to recreate the same magic that the Ayurveda Practitioner had created in Kerala.

When I reached the clinic, it was extremely difficult to find a parking spot. It took me about 15 minutes for the same and the whole experience was quite frustrating. Once inside the clinic, I could feel the frustration leave me. The reception team was very mannered and had a cheerful smile with them all the time.

My doctor was very well qualified and suggested me the perfect massage according to my needs. The whole session lasted for about an hour. The Ayurvedic oil used for my massage was a mixture of two herbal oils. It had a pleasant and a soothing smell to it, which helped me feel relaxed.

The Ayurvedic massages are supposed to pacify one’s dosha. So, what are doshas? According to Ayurveda, our body is made of three doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. However, each individual will have one dominant dosha in them. When there is an imbalance in your dosha, it starts showing on your skin, through your digestion, etc. Therefore, it is always important to maintain a proper balance in the doshas.

The Ayurvedic massages are also said to; increase circulation, tone the muscles, calm your nerves, lubricate the joints, increase mental alertness, eliminate impurities from the body, improve the texture of the skin, de-stress, help you sleep better, etc.

Once I was done with the massage, my doctor explained about the Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Here, all you need to do is eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise, and meditate. This helps you in the long run and keep you healthy. Post my massage, I was feeling incredible. It was better than the massage I experience in Kerala and I was extremely happy that I had found the best Ayurvedic clinic in town.

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