Bajaj Nomarks Cream Review

Bajaj has created a mark in the market through its Ayurvedic beauty products in the market. The product efficiencies subtly blended with the trust of the public associated with the brand has helped Bajaj to earn extensive properties through its products. Talking of the consumers, they have been equally benefitted as well. All credits to the amazing product range of Bajaj. Bajaj Nomarks cream is one such product in the line up which has produced amazing results as per the reviews of the customers and users. The Ayurvedic ingredients of the product make it user friendly and is a great product for all those who wish to enhance their beauty in natural ways.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

Definitely yes. The Bajaj Nomarks cream is a proved product in the Indian Market and has received great reviews from the users. The existence of the product on the shop shelves for such a long period of time testify of the efficiency and the working of the product in the Indian market. The claims of the Bajaj Nomarks cream include hydration of skin but most of the user reviews suggest that the skin feels stretched out during the initial few minutes of the application of the cream. The Bajaj Nomarks cream recommends the use of Bajaj Nomarks face wash along with the cream to get great results. A regular usage of the cream can result in significant developments in the skin after about four weeks from the date of application. Most of the reviews suggest that the Bajaj Nomarks cream has lived up to the expectations and has performed beyond as well.

Should I buy the Bajaj Nomarks Cream?

Yes I would buy the cream because the cream has completely natural ingredients and is available at such a great price. Also the cream has performed well and the performance of the cream has been tested.

Value for Money

The Bajaj Nomarks Cream is priced at such a decent price that one would definitely be tempted to go for it. The Ayurvedic components that are used also add to the reasons why a person should go for the cream. It is rather a great step to provide the essence of such natural ingredients at such a low price. Thus the value for money that the product offers is really high. The user reviews on this product signify the charms of the product and its great results.


The packaging of the Bajaj Nomarks cream is similar to that of traditional medicinal ointments. This helps in keeping the cream usable for long since it does not come in contact with the outer atmosphere much. The packaging mentions the ingredients and the claims that the cream makes. The cream has Vitamin E from almond oil which effectively moisturizes the skin along with acting on the scars, dark spots, blemishes and pimples. There are also anti bacterial and aloe vera extracts that serve well to the purpose of removing scars and lightening blemishes.


The Bajaj Nomarks Cream has a typical smell similar to almonds and dairy products. This is one of the major turn downs of the product as is evident from a majority of the user reviews. But why think of the smell as the factor when the actual results of the product on the skin are that amazing?

Texture and Effect on Dry Skin

The cream is dense and has a thick texture. This makes it feel a bit heavy on the skin and it takes a while to blend on to the skin and for the oiliness to vanish. The cream promises to hydrate the skin and is thus a great beauty product for dry skin as well which has been the major flaw of most of the beauty creams and products.

Product Description

The Bajaj Nomarks cream is available at a price of Rs. 85 for a 25 grams tube which is quite reasonable when taking the performance of the cream into consideration. The product is packed with natural ingredients like Vatada, Kumari, Godhuma, Lemon, Carrot, Citrus, Mulethi extracts along with preservatives and Aloe, Emblica and almond oil extracts. The shelf life of the product is 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Pros of Bajaj Nomarks Cream

  • Natural ingredients to improve the skin texture.
  • Affordable, easily available and easy to carry.
  • Great for dry skin due to the presence of hydrating agents.
  • Effective action on pimple and marks.
  • Results in even skin tone.

Cons of Bajaj Nomarks Cream

  • Strong smell.
  • Results in stretchy skin for the first few minutes after application.

Karma Review

When Bajaj makes such a great natural product available at such a low pricing, one should definitely give a shot to the Bajaj Nomarks cream. The cream has produced amazing results on scars and pimples and has helped thousands of users to get back their original skin after regular usage of the cream.

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