Biotique Face Wash Review


Last month I was having a hard time with my skin. My skin wasn’t as exfoliating as it used to be. Even my husband just could not take his hands off my skin anytime but suddenly I started having acnes, blemishes and skin tone was getting worse day by day. Although I am married for two years, I am in my early 20’s and don’t have a kid. I came to know that my niece (my sister’s daughter) who has just reached her teenage is having serious skin problems, especially on her face. Be it teenage or early twenties, your skin and face are really important to you and you go leaps and bounds for rejuvenating it.

We got Biotique Face Wash as a boon in such an era when it is so difficult to choose a right product for you among so many products in the market. Biotique is an organic cosmetic and skin care brand which has made a remarkable name in the market of cosmetics. All that you want is a good product that you don’t feel like changing again. After all, who wants to keep changing the cosmetics right because you still haven’t got the right one for you? Here is a review on Biotique Face Wash which will help you to identify whether it is a right choice for you as it had been for me and my niece:


It has an intelligent choice of ingredients that make your skin breathe. Chirounji, Poppy seed, Jasmine, Soap nut and purified water makes this ingredient an ideal product to be used. These ingredients also give it an attractive fragrance too.

Value for Money

It comes for Rs 60 per 50 ml. This is neither expensive nor cheap. But comparing with the other products available in the market, it brings out a glowing face of yours. It is definitely the true worth for money. After all, there are no side effects of the product as it is natural and will make you naturally beautiful.


It comes in a face wash tube which is transparent with green flip cap t open. This means that the ingredients will no spill out unnecessarily. This packing is also ideal for traveling as well.

Exfoliates the Skin

Biotique face wash helps you get the soft and supple skin. It exfoliates the cells and lightens your skin. Biotique face wash helps you get a glowing and bright skin. Biotique gives your heart a lift and makes your skin bounce and you start realizing that you are grabbing your sweetheart’s attention all over again.


Biotique has a variety of face wash such as Bio Neem, Bio Pineapple, Bio White, Bio Papaya and Bio Honey Gel. This makes it easier for you to make a choice depending upon the skin type you have and the issue that you are facing.

Pros of Biotique Face Wash 

  • Biotique exfoliates the skin and gives the lightening effect to your skin.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated and gorgeous.
  • It gives out results on all skin types and on women of all ages. Hence, is not at all age biased, wink wink!!
  • It has lot of varieties in types of face wash which is good for the women who are very particular about their choice.
  • It makes your skin look young.

Cons of Biotique Face Wash 

  • It comes in very small packaging which can only be used for fifteen days.

Karma Review

The product is highly recommendable to buy as it satisfies the customers of all ages. It is the one kind of face wash on which you can always rely on. It gives your skin an immense pleasure of being loved as it exfoliates the skin and keeps it hydrated. All that you want and expect from a face wash is a glowing skin that everyone talks about. There can be nothing better than natural resources. It brings out a great difference in your skin making it soft, glowing and young.

Is buying this product recommended?

Yes, it is highly recommended to buy this product. It abides with the promise that it makes to exfoliate your skin making it glow like never before.

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