Truweight Superfoods: Consumer Reviews & Results

Digital karma conducts extensive background checks and research and based on this research, we build our review. Apart from using our internal research, Digital Karma also takes into account, the real customer feedback from mediums such as Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Shopify and blogs. Take a quick look at reviews for Truweight’s Superfoods to make an informed decision.

Superfoods from Truweight are an integral part of its weight loss or health management programs. These are advised by the dietitians keeping in mind the amount of weight to lose and medical condition if any. Through the reviews given by the customers on various platforms, it is seen that they find the superfoods tasty, healthy, filling and nutritious. They understand that these superfoods are an integral part of their regular meals and realise its importance in correcting their eating pattern and dietary habits.

What are Superfoods?

These are the nutritionally dense foods, supplying a rich amount of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients while giving minimum calories. 

These not only provide nutrients but also possess therapeutic properties against various metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, reducing oxidative stress and internal inflammation, heart diseases and thyroid.

Truweight’s Superfoods are scientifically designed and are the combination of healthiest ingredients from all over the world to give a wide range of more than 50 products. These are the storehouse of micronutrients, protein, fibre, omega-3 fats and antioxidants. Truweight’s Superfoods, in simple words, is a boon in today’s scenario which is full of stress, pollutants and unhealthy lifestyle. Few examples are – Hibiscus tea, Apple Granola Bar, Seeds Cocktail, Protein-Rich Upma 

Protein Rich Upma
Hibiscus Tea

Customer Reviews on Truweight’s Superfoods

Vijal Shah (42 yr old, Businessman)  – “Superfoods are actually the Super duper foods. These are tasty and a key to healthy weight loss. Specifically, I liked Seeds cocktail, Trujuice, Teatox and Trufibre which are very helpful in your efforts for a healthy lifestyle. With the diet plan and Superfoods, my blood pressure parameters have improved significantly along with better health, confidence and fitness level”.

Seeds Cocktail

Charan HR (27 yr old, Software Professional) – “Superfoods are the best. These are so tasty and nutritious that you can never crave for junk food. In fact, when it comes to taste or quality, these Superfoods can beat any commercially available foods any time. I lost 12.8 kgs in 100 days with drastic inch loss. I am more energetic with improved health. It feels like I have rediscovered the ‘New Me’ with Truweight”.

Dr Shyam (ENT Surgeon) – “ Ever since I was diagnosed with high insulin levels and deranged lipid level, I tried everything I could, to control it. I started to get more lethargic with black patches on my face. But after enrolling to Truweight’s weight loss program, I lost 20 kgs with controlled insulin and lipid levels. The dark patches have completely vanished now. I believe that its the magic of Superfoods. These are natural, free of chemicals and tastes really good. These nutrient-rich Superfoods aids in weight loss while compensating all the nutritional deficiencies in the body. These aid in effective weight loss without pills and machines”.

Praveen Kumar (43 yr old, CTO- Software Company) – “I love the fact that these superfoods are easy to make. Moreover, ready-to-cook foods taste really good. I am enjoying having Trudrink first thing in the morning and have lost all body fat within a span of 3 months. I like the way that I look more healthy and toned and it feels amazing to fit back in old clothes. It has boosted my self-confidence to the next level. I am really loving my new self. Thanks to Truweight’s amazing Superfoods”.

Divya Iyer (31 yr old, Chemist) – “Truweight has a well-researched and nutritious range of tasty Superfoods. Being very healthy, Superfoods possess the power to fight diseases and deficiencies. They provide with essential nutrients, boost immunity, balance the hormonal disorders, making body and skin healthy and glowing. With the consumption of superfoods under this program, my knee pain has reduced, the HbA1C level has improved and I am now more energetic and confident than ever”.

Rashmi Ghosh (43 yr old, Homemaker) – “I loved the Truweight snacks. I was able to maintain a good eating plan and lose weight at the same time. I was happy to find that diet foods could be so tasty; I could eat all I wanted without feeling guilty or putting on weight. With Truweight Super Foods it was a perfect balance of health and taste”.

How do Superfoods help?

Various factors contribute to making Superfoods a valuable asset in the healthy weight loss journey.

  • These are natural fat burners.
  • These are rich in fibres, meeting your daily requirement while preventing weight gain.
  • These are a combination of best nutritious food ingredients to compensate for nutritional deficiencies.
  • Having 80% less fat and 300% more protein, these superfoods make much healthier snack option.
  • These superfoods employ a variety of millets like oats, jowar, ragi, foxtail millet, etc being incorporated, giving a healthy twist to your regular meals.
  • These are available in a wide range of ready-to-eat and drink forms which are way more convenient to carry, consume while extracting maximum nutrients benefit.
  • Superfoods are 100% natural as free from MSG, artificial sweeteners, colours or any preservatives.

Short Reviews for Superfoods/ Reviews on different platforms

The wide range of superfoods makes it an all-time favourite snack for many of the customers of Truweight. It is the taste, ingredients, health aspect and even packaging that attracts customers.

Kota Sonali– “Superfoods are very healthy and tasty, along with that the foods are homemade. They are good for health which allows your body to gain energy and lose weight”. Read more

Vikas Gujral– “Superfoods are tasty and challenge the belief that food that is healthy is not tasty. Quality of superfoods is evident not only in sourcing but also in packaging”. Read more

Review for Amla Drink- “An excellent drink that tastes awesome and refreshes your mood”. 

Review for Granola Bar (Apple)- A high-protein assortment including nuts, seeds and dried fruits. An ideal snack for evening or late-night munching.

Apple Granola Bar

Review for Trudrink- “Having Trudrink daily morning, I feel more energetic throughout the day. Definitely, a healthy start to my day”.