Pilgrim Korean Beauty – How do you find them?

Pilgrim is soon turning out to be a go-to brand for skincare and beauty seekers that are looking for an all naturals cosmetic that suits their skin for different purposes. Let’s discuss what makes this brand a great alternative for the skincare products in the industry today and then we’ll talk about how you can grab your hands on to the perfect product for you;
What makes Pilgrim Korean Beauty Products a Goto Solution for all?

– The products are made for different skin conditions like skin brightening, anti ageing, hydration, nourishment and so on.

– The products are free from harmful sulfates and parabens, that make this product line suitable for natural product selectors who care about their skin-hair and want to know what they are exposing themselves to

– They do not use toxic chemicals what they call as the toxic twenty chemicals that are harmful to the skin like Monoethanolamine, Triethanolamine, Formaldehyde and more

– They have used ingredients like Argan Oil, camellia, cocoa butter, shea butter and more amazing things that make up for the soft texture in the products and have lots of benefits on the skin of different types

– The products are inspired by Jeju islands and the natural beauty extracts from this beauty heaven of Korea

– One of the few brands that make great use of Yugudu that is great for reducing pigmentation and dark spots on facial skin and are a rich source of copper, manganese, Vitamin B1 – B6, and more…

– The products are attending to specific needs of people of all ages like wrinkles for 40+ or dry skin issues for teens and early adults

– The results and outcomes by using these products are promising for many and some that you can look forward to for your own skin

The products are filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are crucial for all the skin types to have and nurture

That being said Pilgrim consumers are greatly appreciating the products by testifying statements like these being what they were looking for long from a skincare brand taking into consideration the ingredients that make them up. More than anything else the Pilgrim rituals are something that each of their consumers is appreciating the most since they are designed to work on a specific skin type and attend to a specific concern.
Are you interested in getting one of the rituals or trying out a Pilgrim skincare product?

– You can order them directly from the Pilgrim website and have trusted personnel deliver the product to your doorstep

– You can also order the products from Amazon all over the globe and track your order delivery from the app

Want to visit an Ayurvedic Clinic in Bhandarkar Road Pune? Check out Reviews of NuAyurveda’s Clinic on Bhandarkar Road

Ayurvedic Treatment in Bhandarkar Road Pune | Experiences of Karan

I was always a little overweight and the struggle was always there. From diets to the gym, I had tried everything. But, there was no use. My physician had also warned to reduce my weight for a better health. Even when my calorie intake was less, my weight was constant. I found it difficult to lose even 1 kg.

So, one day when I was reading about weight loss, I came across Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss. This was something new for me and it held my interest. As I was reading the article, I realized that the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is the healthiest. It doesn’t promote diets where you have to starve, but it is an advocate for healthy eating.

I had made up my mind to give Ayurveda a chance. So, I started looking for a trustworthy clinic, where they had qualified doctors. NuAyurveda fit my bill and had a branch near my place on Bhandarkar Road, Pune. Hence, without wasting any more time, I directly dropped into their Ayurvedic clinic in Bhandarkar Road.

The front office team were really sweet and made sure to fit me in a slot (even when they had several patients). After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was sent to meet my doctor. He asked about my medical history and asked me to get a few tests done. The next day, I went in with the results (this time I had an appointment). My doctor went through everything and prescribed the necessary treatments and medications.

I was supposed to take the herbal medications every day and along with it, I was to undergo Udvartanam and Kashaya Vasti. In Udvartanam, a special Ayurvedic powder is mixed with warm oil and you are given a massage using this mixture. This helps eliminate the excess fat or Kapha. In Kashaya Vasti, an Ayurvedic decoction is used to get rid of the fats. My treatment at Ayurvedic clinic in Pune lasted for about two months.

My doctor had recommended a special vegetarian diet and yoga to help me in my weight loss journey. Since I was a hardcore non-vegetarian, going on a vegetarian diet was slightly difficult for me, but my determination helped me. Finally, after 2 months I had lost about 10 kilos. From 85 kilos I had come down to 75 kilos. For me, it was one of my greatest achievements. I am still continuing my treatment because my target weight is 65. However, I am taking my time, eating healthy and following all my doctor’s recommendations. With the help of Ayurveda, I am in a happy space today.

Check out Customer Reviews of NuAyurveda’s Sadashivanagar Clinic

Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetes in Sadashivanagar Banglore | Customer Feedback by Surya

My granny was my mentor and my best friend. A year back, she started losing weight all of a sudden and when we took her to the doctor, she was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes. Since her sugar levels were quite high, she had to take multiple tablets. This usually led to gastric and she was unhappy about it. However, even after a year of popping pills, her sugar levels were very high.

I wanted the best for her and after doing some research online, I found out that Ayurveda offers some amazing treatments for Diabetes. Without wasting any time, I started to look for the best Ayurvedic clinics in Bangalore. NuAyurveda had good ratings and some lovely reviews. However, it was about 15 kms from where I stayed and NuAyurveda has only one Ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore and it is in Sadashivnagar. Nevertheless, since it was one of the best, I booked an appointment for my grandma for 7 in the morning at an Ayurvedic clinic in Sadashivnagar (courtesy Bangalore traffic).

Prior to our appointment, I had looked at the doctor’s profile. He was highly qualified and had years of experience. So, the doctor took a look at all the medications she was talking and spoke more about her medical history. He was very thorough and patiently enquired about even the minutest details.

He explained that all of a sudden withdrawing the allopathic medication will not be beneficial. Hence, we were to take it slow. With her regular medications, he introduced an Ayurvedic pill and prescribed few other treatments. Both were detox treatments, which would remove all the harmful toxins from the body.

Our next consultation was after 15 days, where she underwent the detox procedure and an Ayurvedic massage. The doctor even made sure that she consumed the right food. He gave her a list of things she could eat, and she couldn’t to make it easier for her. Easy yoga exercises and walking were now a part of her routine. She was asked to eat every 4 hours to avoid the rise in blood sugar levels.

The whole process (consultations, introducing new medicines, discarding the allopathic medications, etc.) took about 2 months. After that, for her diabetes, my granny completely started depending on Ayurveda. Three months later when she got her blood sugar levels tested, they were normal. Also, she had more stamina and she is more active now. Finding Ayurveda was the best thing for us.

Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai | Customer Feedback

Ayurvedic Massage in Mumbai | Journey of Shashi 

Ayurvedic massages are thoroughly blissful and extremely relaxing. The oils used for these massages are inanely beneficial and add a touch of glow to the skin. During my vacation in Kerala, I had tried the Ayurvedic massage. It was such a magical experience that I wanted to get it done again. Also, living in Mumbai, struggling with the traffic and insane work hours, it was becoming really overwhelming. I was looking for a short break, which an Ayurvedic massage could definitely provide.

While I was browsing for genuine Ayurvedic clinics, I stumbled upon NuAyurveda. Their website was impressive, and I could see that they had 5 branches in Mumbai. I booked an appointment for their Chembur clinic, ayurvedic massage in mumbailocated near the Maitri park. On the day of the appointment, I was up bright and early, unable to contain my excitement. I just wanted NuAyurveda to recreate the same magic that the Ayurveda Practitioner had created in Kerala.

When I reached the clinic, it was extremely difficult to find a parking spot. It took me about 15 minutes for the same and the whole experience was quite frustrating. Once inside the clinic, I could feel the frustration leave me. The reception team was very mannered and had a cheerful smile with them all the time.

My doctor was very well qualified and suggested me the perfect massage according to my needs. The whole session lasted for about an hour. The Ayurvedic oil used for my massage was a mixture of two herbal oils. It had a pleasant and a soothing smell to it, which helped me feel relaxed.

The Ayurvedic massages are supposed to pacify one’s dosha. So, what are doshas? According to Ayurveda, our body is made of three doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. However, each individual will have one dominant dosha in them. When there is an imbalance in your dosha, it starts showing on your skin, through your digestion, etc. Therefore, it is always important to maintain a proper balance in the doshas.

The Ayurvedic massages are also said to; increase circulation, tone the muscles, calm your nerves, lubricate the joints, increase mental alertness, eliminate impurities from the body, improve the texture of the skin, de-stress, help you sleep better, etc.

Once I was done with the massage, my doctor explained about the Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Here, all you need to do is eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise, and meditate. This helps you in the long run and keep you healthy. Post my massage, I was feeling incredible. It was better than the massage I experience in Kerala and I was extremely happy that I had found the best Ayurvedic clinic in town.

Hair for Sure Review

Taking good care of your hair is an important thing to do. But you can take care of your hair only up to an extent. At times it goes beyond your control and you see that every time you comb, you see hundreds of hair in your comb that makes you get depressed. No matter how much easy combing you are doing, they are just not sticking to your skin anytime. At this situation you see that new people do not come to interact with you, your friends start ignoring you and your dear ones start getting embarrassed by your baldness. This is high time to actually look for a tonic that gives you amazing effects.

Hair for Sure as suggested by the name itself, is a brand that emphasizes to gain the confidence back that you had lost. You will have “hair for sure”. No matter how much people trust this brand right because it is a brand known for years, you should not be buying the same blindfolded. A good research is a must before spending your hard earned money on a product that should really work. For the same reason, today we have a review of Hair for Sure that doesn’t only make you get decisive about buying the product but will also tell you the pros and cons of the same. Read on:

Stimulating Growth

This is not just a tonic, but also a clinically proven treatment that stimulates your hair growth. It has active agents like Vitamin B3 and Pro Vitamin B5 that improve your hair health. You will see a significant difference right after a couple of uses.


It is just like oil that gets easily applied evenly on your scalp.


This tonic comes in a semi-transparent plastic bottle that has a silver cap. The nozzle tip is attached so that the use is convenient and easy. This makes the product look good and not spill unnecessarily. Also, it is travel-friendly as it can be kept inside your bag.


Every night if you apply this tonic on your hair, you will see that it really works. Slowly you will start experiencing that your hair fall has been reduced to a percentage, and then it eventually stops one fine day. You will be able to see the difference in as small as 10 days.


Aqua, Aloe, Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propylene Glycol, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Disodium Rutinyl Disulfate and many more ingredients that stimulate and revive follicular function that helps in regrowth of hair in a wonderful manner.

Value for Money

No matter that the product comes in as little as 150 ml for Rs 800/-, it completely justifies the cost that you pay. The effective results that you see without consulting any clinics will surely leave you amazed and over-whelmed. It is quite cheap when compared to the expensive clinics that you consult as it is a treatment in itself. Also, the shelf life of the tonic is 2 years from manufacturing.

Pros of Hair for Sure

  • Packaging is good.
  • Easy application.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • It gives a soothing sensation to your scalp.
  • Rejuvenates hair health.
  • Stops hair fall and stimulates growth.

Cons of Hair for Sure

  • It is a little expensive as it comes for Rs 700/- for 150ml. This means that not all people will be able to afford this product.

Karma Review

Hair For Sure has a clinically proven formula that helps to accelerate the hair growth. The fragrance of the tonic also keeps you refreshed. You hair will become shiny and thick and people will compliment you for having such great hair. There can be nothing worse than shedding your hair that makes you look bald, ugly and aged. However, this wonderful tonic can really do wonders and take you out of the nightmares that you had. Now the question arises, “Will I recommend buying this product?” The answer is yes for sure as it gives you the best experience in terms of hair growth. No matter it is a little expensive but the cost is surely justified with the results. It curbs all of the problems related to hair fall.

Indulekha Hair Oil

Hair problem in India is like a plague which is prevalent for all seasons and it is major because of pollution in India. Pollution or dry hair causes hair problem and everyone is in search of the best solution for their hair care. I was very upset with my hair problem this summer and eagerly looking for the solution. There can be nothing more depressing than shedding hair and those that you are left with are frizzy and weak. Before taking too much of time, I thought of shifting to buy a product that curbs my problems related to hair fall.

Indulekha Bhringha Hair Oil is being manufactured for years and people even trust the brand. This is the most common mistake that people do while making a choice for a product that they get inclined towards the brand. However, it is equally important to know whether the people using the product are really satisfied with the results that you see or not. Today after using Indulekha Hair Oil for the last couple of months, I am here to provide a review to you all so that you can make a more efficient decision while buying the product. Read on:

Prevents Hair Loss

Indulekha Bhringha Oil helps you get rid of the problems like premature graying of hair and hair fall. Steadily and slowly you will be seeing that your hair start growing again and they will become strong. The natural ingredients in the oil will rejuvenate and heal your hair from inside.


The oil is light brown in color and has the goodness of herbs inside. It has a strong smell. It is a liquid which is consistent and is easy to apply evenly on your scalp. It revitalizes the roots of your hair and you will see a great bounce in them.

Price effective

The product comes for Rs. 432/- just for 100ml which is quite a good amount to pay for such a less quantity. However, the product can really do wonders in just a couple of days. Any good effects never come for cheap and hence this product completely justifies the cost that you pay for it.


Bringha, aloe, Draksha, Amalaki, Yashti, and Nimba are some of the natural herbs available in the oil that give it a strong smell and prevents hair fall making them strong and nourished. The intelligent choice of ingredients makes this product a real success.

Makes Hair Shiny

Aloe and Bringha available in the product nourishes your hair and make them look overwhelmingly beautiful. Your hair looks shiny like never before.

Customers satisfaction

Indulekha Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic hair which is 100% natural. The customers using the product get a soothing sensation in themselves that revives the hair growth. It has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


The oil is packed in a bottle that has an attachment on the top that looks like a comb. The needles of the attachment are used to spill the oil on the scalp so that it is evenly spread. The packaging definitely makes the usage easy.

Pros of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • It is herbal and hence completely safe to be used.
  • Controls dandruff.
  • Controls hair fall.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Makes your hair strong.
  • Spreads evenly on your scalp.
  • No side-effects to it.
  • Makes your hair shiny.
  • The texture of your hair becomes smooth.

Cons of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • The smell is strong.
  • Expensive a little.

Karma Review

There is no diplomacy in reaching to the conclusion that this product is surely good hair oil that benefits you in many ways. All that you need is beautiful and long hair that enhances your beauty and this oil definitely abides with all of your expectations. You just have to be consistent while using. I am already on my fifth bottle and it really is incomparable hair oil for me.

Will I recommend buying Indulekha Hair Oil?

If you can afford to buy the product, you shouldn’t be thinking anymore. Soft and shiny hair needed by all women and somehow it does wonders.

Himalaya Lip Balm Review

Lips are an important part of our body. Every word that you utter comes right from your lips and that very smile that gets a lot of compliments every now and then is also made beautiful only if you have beautiful lips. For this reason, your lips deserve the tender care as they also play a major role in the acts of intimacy too. You always have to look for the best lip balms so that you can smile without feeling shy. Chapped and dry lips make you conscious, uncomfortable and somehow ugly. This brings the importance of buying a good lip balm.

Himalaya is a herbal brand which is known for years. It has been providing the best skin care products that help you look your best. Since the products are herbal, they are expected to get you results like never before. Himalaya has got a variety of lip balms like:

Himalaya Herbals Strawberry Shine Lip Care

Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Care

Himalaya Lip Balm

Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care

With such great variety, you have great options to choose from. However, while making any choice you should be aware whether the customers using the product are actually satisfied with the same or not? To make a more intelligent choice, read on this review:


The packaging of the product is really good. It comes in a plastic with a twist. The best part is that the color of the packing is the flavor of the product. Like if it is strawberry, it comes in a pink packing that makes it an intelligent approach of packing. The packaging is trave-friendly for sure and easy to fit into your jeans pocket.


There are a variety of flavors available for you so that you can make the choice as per your inclination. This makes it easier for you to try the new ones, be it shiny one, or the matte one. Even if you don’t want to apply a lipstick, Himalaya lip care helps your lip stay hydrated as well as it gives it a soft color like a lipstick.


The product really falls into your pocket easily. You can get it only for Rs 125 for 4.5gms. This will solve your purpose at least for 2-3 months and for this long span, spending this less amount is no pain. It is completely cost effective and you don’t have to give a second thought before buying it.


The ingredients available are seed oil, Beeswax, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Coco Glycerides and many more other ingredients. They don’t only heal your lips but also keep them hydrated and soft. The choice of ingredients is really worth appreciating.

Herbal Properties

Since the product is completely herbal, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of the product. Rather your lips will be healed in the best way. On the contrary, cosmetics available in the market that makes your lips look good, but the chemicals available in the product do not let your lips stay healthy.

Please note down the pros and cons of the product:

Pros of Himalaya Lip Balm

  • Heals your lips
  • Since it is herbal, it has medicinal properties
  • Easy on your pocket
  • Small in size and hence can be adjusted in your pockets easily
  • Comes in variety
  • No side effects
  • Shelf life of three years from the date of manufacturing
  • Little tinge of color

Cons of Himalaya Lip Balm

  • Sometimes, you feel that the product is a little sticky
  • The stick may break or crack if not taken care of
  • The smell is not that great

Karma Review

You can surely rely on this product as you get the goodness of herbs and variety of flavors in one product. Using this makes your lips look beautiful and your smile even more adorable. There are no chemicals that are used and hence your beauty stays natural. Say good bye to chapped and dry lips as soft and beautiful lips are there to welcome you with a big smile. Therefore, buying a herbal product like Himalaya Lip Balm is an intelligent choice. Himalaya doesn’t fail to abide by our expectations.

Will I recommend buying Himalaya Lip Balm?

Since it soothes and heals your lips in a great manner, you should be buying this product without thinking any further.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Review

Gosh! We are living on a planet where temperature actually rises to 50 degrees especially in North India. The heat is extorting and perforates our skin. This summer brings me to a great concern when I seriously noticed tans and sun-burns over my skin. I had always been a No Lotion Girl but this time I was shaken to choose one for me as well. Here’s a quick review about Neutrogena Sunscreen which I chose to use and let’s find in my review how it worked for me. And will it work for you??

Neutrogena is in the market for more than 10 years now. Although I didn’t get good reviews about its face wash and face creams but still discovered little good things about the sunscreen. The lotion comes in a very cute white blue tube which is very handy and can be carried even in your slings. It is non- greasy thick lotion with a very mild fragrance. The one thing I personally liked in the lotion that it wasn’t sticky at my skin at all. It will quickly absorb in your skin and leaving no sticky- impact. The ingredients of the lotion are Water, Silica, Styrene Potassium, Phosphate, Glycerine, and fragrance.

Value for Money

You can get the tubes of 30 ml for Rs 199 and 88ml for Rs. 480. Well, honestly initially I did found it high priced as compared to other sun block lotion. But after using it I know that there can be nothing better you get. “A little goes a longer way” if you paying for the product then Neutrogena Sunscreen is indeed assuring you of its quality and best results.


Just as the saying goes: “Wonderful things come in small packages”. This wonderful sun protecting lotion comes in a small and neat white and blue colored tube with easy to open cap. The lotion is easy to carry for traveling or for swimming classes. The shelf life of a lotion is 24 months.

UV Rays Protection

Neutrogena is stabilized with helio plex which provides superior balanced broad spectrum protection against skin ageing, Ultraviolet rays burning combined with dry technology and giving your skin a non-shiny finish. SPF 50 ++ helps protecting the skin from the ultraviolet rays.

Is it skin- friendly? 

It is non-greasy and non-comedogenic lotion which helps in de tanning of the skin through pores. It protects your skin form the harsh extorting heat while leaving your skin non-greasy and non-shiny.

How to apply it? 

Simply apply it onto your face and exposed parts just 15- 20 minutes prior going out in the sun. Reapply it after prolonged sweating, using dry towel and swimming.

Customer Satisfaction

It had worked miraculously over my tanned skin and had seen the results within fifteen days. Neutrogena Sunscreen satisfies its customers completely by giving healthy quality and good results. I had good reviews about it through a friend as well who had come after a vacation from extorting and terribly heated are i.e. Pondicherry. I just couldn’t believe when I saw her badly tanned and after a month one could easily see a tremendous improvement in her tanning. It was because of Neutrogena Sunscreen.

Pros of Neutrogena Sunscreen

  • The best part of the lotion is that it does not give a greasy effect on your skin. The skin remains quite fresh after applying it.
  • Neutrogena Sunscreen helps to protect us with the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It helps in de tanning of the skin.
  • It is easy to carry as it can be carried even in the smallest slings and the tight screw prevent the possibility of spillage.
  • It is long lasting as it is water proof and sweat proof.
  • It is affordable and easily available in the stores.

Cons of Neutrogena Sunscreen

  • It is ideal for sensitive skin people and oily skin. It is however not much advisable to normal or people with dry skin.
  • It comes with a very light fragrance so ones with the preference of strong fragrance might not like it.

Karma Review

  Neutrogena Sunscreen is, however, good and shows tremendous results. And this I can say with a personal experience and real life reviews of its users. It has a stabilized helio plex with SPF 50++ giving a full protection with UV Rays to the skin even in full exposure to the sun. Now a question arises “Is it recommended?” Yes, the product is recommended to buy as it facilitates the best one in sun block for your skin. Hope you make a wise choice after reading this review!!!

Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Oh God!! It is just not possible to go for a party or even out on a date in your favorite sleeveless top or your blue denim skirt without waxed arms and legs. I really wonder that there has been a tremendous change in the condition of women in a society but certain are things which are just same i.e. Our periods and our waxed arms and legs. I swear men just cannot stand even a strand of hair on women’s arm or legs. In such a busy city life, it becomes next to impossible to go to saloons and get the waxing or threading done.

I am blessed to have a solution at my doorstep as a hair removal cream or a razor which helps you to get rid of your hair within few minutes and just 20 minutes before a party. Still, we are much conscious about the roughness of the skin that is caused after that. Veet Sensitive Touch is a boon for all the girls out there who are reading this review. Veet Sensitive Touch is an electric trimmer which removes the hair of arms, under arms, legs and bikini line and leaving the skin soft. Here’s the review about the Veet Sensitive Touch.

Value for Money

The cost of Veet Sensitive Touch is around Rs. 1900 for each. I feel the cost is nominal for such a product and usually, electric products are not available at cheaper prices. It is surely not going to disappoint you if you try and spend your hard earned money on the product.

Saves Time

The days are gone when we used to spend hours in salons and waiting for getting waxing and threading done. All the credit for the above said goes to Veet Sensitive Touch. It saves your time and money.

Gives a smooth and hairless skin

It cuts down the unwanted hair of your body and gives a smoothening effect on your skin. It is a precision with 6mm which removes the hair with fine quality. It does not create rashes and skin irritation.


The box contains two trimming heads separately for each area, comb attachment separately for a different area and styler cap, cleaning brush, beauty pouch, and battery. The product is packed in a pretty pink colored box with a silver trimmer and silver accessories inside it. The box contains more than eight accessories inside it.

Customer Satisfaction

Veet sensitive touch is easy and quick to use leaving a smooth impact on the skin. Hence, it is able to satisfy its customer to great extent. It has created a good chain of customers over a short period of time. Veet sensitive touch is a much-needed thing in every girl’s vanity.

Pros of Veet Sensitive Touch

  • It helps to get rid of unwanted hair on arms, underarms, bikini line and legs.
  • It cuts down the hair smoothly giving a fresh and smoothness to the skin.
  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It is easy to carry in the cutest and smallest of your vanity kits and even while traveling.
  • The trimmer is designed and shaped which is sensitive to all our body parts and even the accessories are designed especially for different areas of the body.
  • Veet Sensitive touch is a cordless device which makes it handy.

Cons of Veet Sensitive Touch

  • It is battery based trimmer, therefore, cannot function in case of battery failure.
  • It might not work out for the oversensitive skin.
  • It has to be used wisely and strictly according to its guidelines otherwise it can cause disaster for your skin.

Karma Review

Veet Sensitive Touch is a very good product and catering high satisfaction to the customers. Veet Sensitive Touch is a highly recommended product and one should go and buy the product as it is a boon for all the girls. It gives your body a ravishing look and smooth look to your body even after shaving. The product is eloquent towards its customers. Hope you find the review helpful to make up your mind towards the purchase of the product. It’s time to say hello to the smart, trendy, sleek cordless trimmer and good bye to the sticky waxing strips and hard razors.

Is Richfeel Noida Clinic good for hair loss ? Read Reviews

At this moment, your mind might be having multiple questions such as –

What is Richfeel and what is their history ? Is Richfeel treatment effective ? How is the Noida Clinic of Richfeel ? What has been the experience of past clients at Richfeel ? Should I take hair treatment service from Richfeel ?

Let your mind take rest because we have covered answers to all the above questions in this article. At Digital Karma, we value our readers and prior to generating any information, we conduct a private independent research via customer interviews, clinic visits, and so on. Not only this but we also take in account information from highly reliable sources and what customers have to say on various online platforms such youtube, forums such as you-tracker, newsmedia247 ,etc.

A Brief history of Richfeel –

Richfeel Trichology Centers have been founded in 1986 and for the last 3 decades Richfeel has resolved hair problems of more than 10,000 customers across India. Richfeel is a highly reputed Brand in Hair transplant and hair treatment Industry.

Specialized Treatment

Richfeel Noida Clinic provides the following specialized services. Customers will be suggested appropriate service after technical consultation with Trichologists at the Richfeel center

  • TST+ – Hair Fall Treatment
  • ANA-D-TOX – Hair Color Damage Repair
  • Anagrow – Hair Thinning Treatment
  • Anacover – Permanent Scalp Cover
  • Anagain Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Transplant – Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Hair System – Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Easy Consultation

The first consultation with Richfeel’s Trichologists at Noida Clinic is free. You only have to book the appointment and you will be called for the consultation. You just don’t need to worry about waiting for a long time to get treated with the world class services.

World Class Services

Richfeel Trichology Center located at Noida is a great place to go. The type of treatment that you get is incomparable. Also, the personalized treatment and your ultimate satisfaction make you feel that you, along with many other patients, have an importance to them. No matter it is a big brand, the staff respects each and every customer of theirs.

The reviews of Richfeel’s services from majority of its past clients has been positive.

Value for Money

The pricing structure at Noida Clinic of Richfeel is similar to centers in most other parts of the country. Even though the hair treatment or hair transplant cost is high for richfeel in general, it all pays off when you see that your hair look rich and beautiful. In our opinion, the most common review of most client prior to treatment is cost but almost everyone is happy and satisfied with the cost after hair treatment.

Variety of Hair Treatments

At noida clinic, there are a number of treatments available there. Be it Hair Transplant, Anagrow, Anacover, Hair Fall Treatment or Hair Color Damage Repair, you will be amazed at the technology they use while providing a variety of services to their patients.

However, you may surely jot down the pros and cons of the services at Richfeel Clinic, Noida

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Noida Clinic

  • Ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Expertise in hair treatment
  • Personalized treatment
  • Great change in personality
  • No side effects
  • Uses latest technology and equipments

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Noida Clinic

  • The hair transplant cost and hair treatment cost at Noida clinic is relatively high. But given the quality of service they provide, it is worth the money.

Karma Review

Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction that you get after you have been really happy with the results of a particular service. Richfeel Clinic Noida caters to all your hair problems along with great customer care services. You will find a new level of confidence in you that makes you go to the parties. You will no more feel shy while going out as earlier you thought that people may embarrass you. Rather you feel great about yourself when you get complimented by people around. Though the services are expensive, you will surely be more than satisfied to have chosen Richfeel for the services.

Will I recommend buying the services at Richfeel Trichology Center, Noida?

Richfeel hair treatments are strongly recommended. But we would like out readers to be patient while experiencing the service and consistently follow the medication and treatment prescribed by the doctors at Richfeel. And its always worth to spend money on the services that give you awesome results.