Dove Shampoo Review

Dove has made use of great advertisement campaigns for its products to promote them heavily in the market. But the efficiency of the products is yet a question. Dove has a pretty share in the cosmetics range especially the shampoo, conditioner products in the Indian market. The Dover Shampoo is known for its catchy advertisements which has led many customers to buy the products. But the product has received mixed reviews from the customers. Dove shampoo comes in multiple variants with different claims and different quantities which can be chosen by the customers as per the requirement.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

Most of the user reviews suggest that the Dove shampoos could not fulfil their claims but however made the hair softer and smoother. A thumbs up for that. But what good is damaged yet shiny hair. The shampoo claims a lot but fails to achieve the claims. The hair fall reduction is not reduced, the shampoo does not go well with some scalp types, leads to flat hair are some of the problems that the Dove Shampoo users complain. However the shampoo has moisturizing properties and goes well with the dry hair of people. Apart from all these claims that are against the shampoo, the shampoo is still on the better side as compared to thousands of products running in the market. As far as keeping up with the trust is concerned, Dove Shampoo has failed in that section. People definitely had expected more fruitful results from the Dove Shampoo but the product failed miserably.

Would I buy the Dove Shampoo?

Dove Shampoo is available in small sachets as well. So I would go for a trial use by buying these sachets and check the effect of the shampoo on my hair type. if it goes well, I can give a second thought to buy the shampoo.

Value for Money

As far as value for money is concerned, the product is priced decently relative to the features and claims of the shampoo. So if the claims are to be only considered the product has decent value for money. But when the results are taken into consideration, the decision would change for sure. The shampoo has failed to achieve the goals or claims which is evident from the reviews of most of the users. But as compared to other similar products, the Dove Shampoo is priced decently and offers stiff competition to others in terms of pricing at least.


Dove has been a pro in case of packaging and advertising the products. The usual white colour packaging of the Dove Shampoo makes it look quite attractive and users get a temptation to buy it. The Dove Shampoo comes in a squeezable bottle which is opaque. This prevents the user to check the amount of shampoo left in the bottle. The opening of the shampoo is guarded by a flip cap attached with the bottle.

Texture and Effects of the Shampoo

The shampoo is water based and is very mild s per their claims. But users find it strong too and are compelled to foam with water. The shampoo has moisturizing elements in it which helps to moisturize the dry hair types. The claims of the Dove Shampoo include Hair Fall prevention, Damage Control, Smoother and Shinier Hair and so on. But only the latter is successfully achieved by the Shampoo. Dove Shampoo which are meant for Hair Fall Control reduced the Hair Fall to a great extent but not stop it completely. Those users who used the damage control shampoo complain of flat hair even after using it.

Fragrance and Ease of use

All the Dove products have been known for their divine and sweet fragrance and Dove Shampoos are no exception. One of the best part about the Dove Shampoos is the sweet fragrance it comes with. The fragrance of the shampoo lasts for about a day after using the shampoo on hair. The Dove Shampoo is also very easy to use. No special procedures are required to obtain the optimum benefits from the shampoo.

Product Description

The shampoo comes with a number of ingredients with water aas the base. Some of the ingredients include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sunflower Seed oil, Methylisothiazolinone etc. The shampoo is made available in a number of packings starting from sachets to long use bottles. The Dove Shampoo is priced at Rs. 3 for a 8 ml sachet, Rs. 64 for 90 ml bottle, Rs. 117 for 200 ml bottle and Rs 205 for 375 ml bottle. The Dove Shampoo comes with a shelf life of 1 year to 18 months. Dove recommends the use of Dove Conditioner along with Dove Shampoos for better results.

Pros of Dove Shampoo

  • Great pricing and easy availability.
  • Sweet fragrance.
  • Shinier hair after use.
  • Great for dry hair.

Cons of Dove Shampoo

  • No hair fall reduction.
  • Not suitable for all scalp types.
  • Fails to fulfil the claims.

Karma Review

Since the Dove Shampoo acts on the scalp and the hair, one must go for a trial use of the shampoo before switching to it for long term use. One should consider other better options rather than choosing this product for nurturing your hair.

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