Dr. Batra Hair Treatment Review

Homeopathic treatment is a safe and secure way to deal with your health problems. Dr. Batra’s offer homeopathic treatment for hair related problems such as hair fall, thinning of hair, baldness, and others. Dr. Batra’s provides hair treatment using its latest technological equipment, homeopathic medicines, and professional advice. But, is Dr. Batra Hair Treatment worth considering? Read on to know more.

Dr. Batra’s hair treatment comprises of the following services

  • Batra’s Homeopathy
  • Dr. Batra’s GroHair
  • Instant Hair by Dr. Batra
  • Batra’s Hair Transplant
  • STMCell Treatment  by Dr. Batra
  • Batra’s Quick Hair

Your scalp and hair condition determines the type of hair treatment. Whether you should opt for Dr. Batra’s hair treatment or not; read our extensive Dr. Batra hair treatment review before affirming your decision.

Medicines Effectiveness – 2.5/5

Dr. Batra’s medicines are effective for skin treatments but when it comes to hair treatment, the medicines fail to produce any significant effect. You may experience a short-term benefit but in the long run, it stops producing results. Moreover, the medicine packaging does not display the ingredient composition. This factor keeps the customer in an ambiguity over the medicine composition.

Staff Expertise – 2.5/5

Our review on Dr. Batra’s doctors expertise indicates that they follow a pre-determined approach. They abide by certain guidelines while rendering the treatment. They need to break this monotony and examine the patient with an in-depth approach. The doctors prescribe the future course of treatment on the basis of specific criteria. Instead, they should inspect each and every detail minutely before concluding with the treatment. This approach is one of the major reasons for utter dissatisfaction.

Customer Services – 3/5

Promotion is necessary for building awareness and garnering precious clients. But when you do so, on the basis of false promises, you are ruining your reputation. The same is true for Dr. Batra’s. They lure clients on the basis of giving discounts on their expensive services or spam their email account with promotional emails. At last, when the client gets nothing but peanuts, the client feels cheated and disheartened.

Product Effectiveness – 3/5

There is nothing new about Dr. Batra’s hair care products. These are similar to the other hair care products available in the market. In fact, you might get better products that propel thick and lustrous hair growth.

Value for Money – 2.5/5

After analyzing all the parameters, we can conclude that Dr. Batra’s does not provide relevant hair treatment services as per the expectations. Moreover, their consultation fees and treatment costs are expensive, considering homeopathic treatment. When a patient does not get results after a long course of a year or so, he or she loses the money and time without noticing any significant improvement.

Pros of Dr. Batra Hair Treatment

  • Batra’s follows a systematic approach to proper management of every department; whether it is medicines, tests, customer services, etc.
  • Easily accessible due to their well-established presence across the country and the world
  • Homeopathic treatment does not produce any side effects
  • Batra’s offer solutions for each and every kind of hair problem. From hair fall to hair transplants; there is everything available under the canvas of Dr. Batra’s

Cons of Dr. Batra Hair Treatment

  • The hair treatments are expensive. And since the homeopathic treatment takes time, the patient feels the burden in the long run
  • Their focus is more on brand building rather than effective treatment. This is a major cause of customer dissatisfaction
  • The treatment does not produce any noticeable results

Karma Review

Dr. Batra’s enjoys a great reputation for its medical treatments. But in the hair treatment segment, it seems to lag behind. You can equip your medical clinics with the latest equipment but, you need to identify the root cause of the problem as well. You need to offer effective medicines that can actually produce results. Unfortunately, Dr. Batra’s fails to deliver on these aspects.

Their major emphasis is on increasing their client database. Their major forte is to market themselves by creating excellent infrastructure and viable marketing campaign. However, this cannot deliver any prominent results. They need to emphasize on their treatment methodology. The patients with minor hair fall issues or those who opted for hair transplant, everyone have a negative impression about Dr. Batra’s hair treatment services.

Would I buy Dr. Batra’s hair treatment services?

As per our review, we do not recommend Dr. Batra’s hair treatment services. Customer dissatisfaction, expensive treatments, and negligible improvements are the major reasons for not availing Dr. Batra’s services.

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