Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review

Fair And Lovely is well-known face in the Indian market owing to its great creams and face wash ranges. To stay in the game, Fair and Lovely has launched its new product which is the foundation cum Beauty Benefit (BB) cream. The foundation cum beauty benefit cream by Fair And Lovely is the great product and helps to provide good coverage on the skin against spots, blemishes and dark circles. However the product has some flaws as well. Fair and Lovely has been consistently manufacturing great products for the Indian market by implementing new ideas that would suit to the seasons and conditions.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

Definitely not. This is not what one would expect from a strong player in the cosmetics and beauty products range in the Indian Market. Especially when there are a lot of better options available in the market, providing an inefficient product at a cheap price just does not work. The texture of the cream is matte which does not blend well into the skin. The traditional BB creams used to be glossy but Fair And Lovely decided to ditch that formula but failed drastically on the new texture. As per the reviews received from the users, the cream does not blend well into the skin and leaves a whitish patch on the skin which results only in an artificial look. Even in the oily zones of the face the patchy layers are developed. The dry cream does not go well with the dry skin types and the use of an additional moisturizer is a must. The cream also does not last long on the face.

Should I buy the Fair and Lovely BB Cream?

The answer would be a straight no because in a temptation of paying less, I do not want such a low quality product and risk my skin for it.

Value for Money

The product is priced at a very less amount as compared to similar BB creams from other brands, yet this does not result in a high value of the product. The product quality is too cheap even for the fewer amounts that it asks for. No one would be ready to risk their skin by paying such a less amount. There are a lot better BB creams available in the market which is priced not much more than this but provide a lot more additional benefits and unmatched performance.


The packaging style that Fair and Lovely has adopted at such a low priced product is probably the USP of the product. The Fair and Lovely BB Cream comes in a small metallic finish tube that is travel friendly. The cream is available in different packaging sizes and the smaller one can be chosen for a trial basis before going for the product. The cream can be easily carried around in clutches and bags due to its sleek packaging.

Colour of the Cream and Texture

The Fair and Lovely BB Cream is available in a single shade which is again one of the biggest mistakes. Thus there are chances that the colour might not go well with some skin colours, especially the darker ones. The texture of the cream is probably the biggest turn off of the product. The texture of the cream is similar to rubber which results in patches on the skin after application. It does not blend well on the skin and gives an overall artificial look to the face. Again those who have a dry skin need to use a moisturizer with the cream since the cream doesn’t have moisturizing elements within it.

Long term effects of using the product 

Using the Fair and Lovely BB Cream does not result in miracles rather it results in an artificial looking skin. The skin tone does not get better but degrades. The skin appears patchy with the use of the Fair and Lovely BB Cream.

Product Description

The Fair and Lovely BB Cream is available in 2 different sizes. The smaller one costs about Rs 79 for 18g tube while the larger one costs about 169 rupees. The primary ingredients of the Fair and Lovely BB Cream include Water, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Isononyl Isononanoate etc. the shelf life of the Fai and Lovely BB cream is 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Pros of Fair and Lovely BB Cream

  • Trendy packaging at an affordable price.
  • Easy availability and sweet fragrance.

Cons of Fair and Lovely BB Cream

  • Available in just one shade.
  • Rubber like texture which makes it difficult to blend to the skin.
  • Whitish patches and artificial look.
  • Does not last long on the skin.
  • Does not have moisturizing elements.

Karma Review

Fair and Lovely could have gone for a better product by placing it at a bit higher price. The current product is not worth an investment especially when there are much better alternatives available in the market.

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