Indulekha Hair Oil

Hair problem in India is like a plague which is prevalent for all seasons and it is major because of pollution in India. Pollution or dry hair causes hair problem and everyone is in search of the best solution for their hair care. I was very upset with my hair problem this summer and eagerly looking for the solution. There can be nothing more depressing than shedding hair and those that you are left with are frizzy and weak. Before taking too much of time, I thought of shifting to buy a product that curbs my problems related to hair fall.

Indulekha Bhringha Hair Oil is being manufactured for years and people even trust the brand. This is the most common mistake that people do while making a choice for a product that they get inclined towards the brand. However, it is equally important to know whether the people using the product are really satisfied with the results that you see or not. Today after using Indulekha Hair Oil for the last couple of months, I am here to provide a review to you all so that you can make a more efficient decision while buying the product. Read on:

Prevents Hair Loss

Indulekha Bhringha Oil helps you get rid of the problems like premature graying of hair and hair fall. Steadily and slowly you will be seeing that your hair start growing again and they will become strong. The natural ingredients in the oil will rejuvenate and heal your hair from inside.


The oil is light brown in color and has the goodness of herbs inside. It has a strong smell. It is a liquid which is consistent and is easy to apply evenly on your scalp. It revitalizes the roots of your hair and you will see a great bounce in them.

Price effective

The product comes for Rs. 432/- just for 100ml which is quite a good amount to pay for such a less quantity. However, the product can really do wonders in just a couple of days. Any good effects never come for cheap and hence this product completely justifies the cost that you pay for it.


Bringha, aloe, Draksha, Amalaki, Yashti, and Nimba are some of the natural herbs available in the oil that give it a strong smell and prevents hair fall making them strong and nourished. The intelligent choice of ingredients makes this product a real success.

Makes Hair Shiny

Aloe and Bringha available in the product nourishes your hair and make them look overwhelmingly beautiful. Your hair looks shiny like never before.

Customers satisfaction

Indulekha Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic hair which is 100% natural. The customers using the product get a soothing sensation in themselves that revives the hair growth. It has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


The oil is packed in a bottle that has an attachment on the top that looks like a comb. The needles of the attachment are used to spill the oil on the scalp so that it is evenly spread. The packaging definitely makes the usage easy.

Pros of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • It is herbal and hence completely safe to be used.
  • Controls dandruff.
  • Controls hair fall.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Makes your hair strong.
  • Spreads evenly on your scalp.
  • No side-effects to it.
  • Makes your hair shiny.
  • The texture of your hair becomes smooth.

Cons of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • The smell is strong.
  • Expensive a little.

Karma Review

There is no diplomacy in reaching to the conclusion that this product is surely good hair oil that benefits you in many ways. All that you need is beautiful and long hair that enhances your beauty and this oil definitely abides with all of your expectations. You just have to be consistent while using. I am already on my fifth bottle and it really is incomparable hair oil for me.

Will I recommend buying Indulekha Hair Oil?

If you can afford to buy the product, you shouldn’t be thinking anymore. Soft and shiny hair needed by all women and somehow it does wonders.

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