Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil Review

Hair fall is one of the most prominent causes of anxiety among the present generation. The major causes for hair fall are – poor diet, genetic causes, and improper lifestyle. To prevent hair fall, people opt for various treatments such as hair transplants, laser therapy, or other treatment methods. But, applying hair oil is the simplest way of treating hair fall. Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic oil that claims to resolve hair fall issues.

Nuzen Hair Oil is a herbal oil that is specially made for hair fall and scalp dandruff problems. The presence of 24 herbs makes it an ideal remedy for hair fall. These are just the specifications of this hair oil. But, is it effective in treating the hair fall and dandruff issues? Read our extensive review to know more about the Nuzen Hair Oil.

Effectiveness – 2/5

Everything that is natural doesn’t seem to work always. Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil is a herbal product but it is not effective at all. The company claims that it revives the dead cells on the scalp and detoxifies the blood. But, it is just a hoax. Nuzen Hair Oil does not produce any significant results and in most of the cases, the condition deteriorated further. According to our review, you should avoid using Nuzen Hair Oil. Instead, you can use other oils like coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

Value for Money – 2/5

The most surprising fact about Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil is the market price. The cost of this herbal product is Rs 396. For a herbal product, this cost seems to be too much. If we talk about the same herbal oil of different brands, they are comparatively much cheaper. Another issue is with the effectiveness of the product. A customer invests Rs 396 but does not experience any fruitful results. At that moment, you feel a sense of dissatisfaction.

Ingredients and Product Quality – 2.5/5

Ayurvedic products are highly recommended because they do not show any side effects. Moreover, they cure the problem in a comprehensive manner. The root cause will be treated when you use the Ayurvedic products. But unfortunately, Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil does not meet the expectations of the users. The company claims that it is a mixture of 24 herbs. But none of those herbs seem to be effective. Moreover, the smell of the oil is unpleasant.

Usage – 2.5/5

Let us consider this. The cost of the product is Rs 396. According to the manufacturers, you need to use it for 8-12 weeks continuously. This means you would be using around 4-5 bottles during the course. So no doubt, this sounds to be an expensive affair. For the first week, you need to apply oil every day without washing your head. At end of the week, you will be washing it. So this was about the usage. But, when you don’t get results after spending so much money, the application doesn’t matter as such.

Pros of Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil

  • Completely herbal product. You will not experience any side effects after using it
  • It can be used easily. You just need to massage your scalp with this oil and wash it after some time

Cons of Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil

  • The cost of the product will surely burn a hole in the pocket of a common man
  • The results are not effective at all
  • The smell of the oil may turn off most of the buyers
  • You have to use it consistently for 2-3 months. After that, you will notice any positive results, if any

Karma Review

Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil makes bold claims. But all these claims are shattered when a person uses Nuzen Hair Oil. The 24 herbs extract is not able to deliver as per the expectations of the users. In the name of Ayurveda, this is a useless product. Moreover, the cost of the product is surely a concern. A common man will think twice before purchasing this product. The smell of the hair oil is a major turn off.

There are better products available in the market. They are cheaper and much more effective than this. Nuzen Hair Oil is a disappointment for the people who want to control hair fall and other scalp related problems.

Would I Buy Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil?

As per our detailed review, I would not purchase Nuzen Gold Herbal Hair Oil. It is a sheer waste of time and money. Instead of this, you can go for effective home remedies or buy some other Ayurvedic hair oil.

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