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Ayurvedic Treatment in Bhandarkar Road Pune | Experiences of Karan

I was always a little overweight and the struggle was always there. From diets to the gym, I had tried everything. But, there was no use. My physician had also warned to reduce my weight for a better health. Even when my calorie intake was less, my weight was constant. I found it difficult to lose even 1 kg.

So, one day when I was reading about weight loss, I came across Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss. This was something new for me and it held my interest. As I was reading the article, I realized that the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is the healthiest. It doesn’t promote diets where you have to starve, but it is an advocate for healthy eating.

I had made up my mind to give Ayurveda a chance. So, I started looking for a trustworthy clinic, where they had qualified doctors. NuAyurveda fit my bill and had a branch near my place on Bhandarkar Road, Pune. Hence, without wasting any more time, I directly dropped into their Ayurvedic clinic in Bhandarkar Road.

The front office team were really sweet and made sure to fit me in a slot (even when they had several patients). After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was sent to meet my doctor. He asked about my medical history and asked me to get a few tests done. The next day, I went in with the results (this time I had an appointment). My doctor went through everything and prescribed the necessary treatments and medications.

I was supposed to take the herbal medications every day and along with it, I was to undergo Udvartanam and Kashaya Vasti. In Udvartanam, a special Ayurvedic powder is mixed with warm oil and you are given a massage using this mixture. This helps eliminate the excess fat or Kapha. In Kashaya Vasti, an Ayurvedic decoction is used to get rid of the fats. My treatment at Ayurvedic clinic in Pune lasted for about two months.

My doctor had recommended a special vegetarian diet and yoga to help me in my weight loss journey. Since I was a hardcore non-vegetarian, going on a vegetarian diet was slightly difficult for me, but my determination helped me. Finally, after 2 months I had lost about 10 kilos. From 85 kilos I had come down to 75 kilos. For me, it was one of my greatest achievements. I am still continuing my treatment because my target weight is 65. However, I am taking my time, eating healthy and following all my doctor’s recommendations. With the help of Ayurveda, I am in a happy space today.

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