Richfeel Reviews : Is richfeel good ? Is the treatment effective ?

Are you thinking of getting a hair treatment done ? It is time to make a decision because the right hair treatment can improve your overall personality. Digital karma conducts extensive background checks and research and based on this research, we build our review. Apart from using our internal research, Digital Karma also takes into account, the real customer feedback from mediums such as Quora, Facebook, YouTube and blogs to check if Richfeel is really effective for most people ! Richfeel reviews from real people can never disappoint and it helps you to make a wise decision before you invest in any hair treatment services. Take a quick look at the Richfeel reviews to make an informed decision that you would never regret!

Real Reviews of Customers that will help you to make a wise decision!

  • Richfeel has changed my life and the way people look at me now! I was partially bald and I started looking really old at the age of 26! My friend told me about Richfeel Hair treatment and I thought of giving it a try! Now, I feel younger and they ask me what has changed! I am really satisfied with the treatment and I would recommend it to all.” – Raghav Sachdeva
  • There was a time that when my hair was really thin. I had immense hair fall. Being a 27 year old girl, my parents were looking for a boy for me and there were many rejected proposals because my dull and lifeless hair made me look older. I tried the richfeel treatment and I do not see much difference. After reading positive Richfeel reviews, I was expecting more from the treatment.”  – Ila Sharma
  • I am a 24 year old girl and I shifted to a new place for my further studies. Due to the hard water and the pollution in the air, my hair started falling and I was very troubled with it. Richfeel hair treatment has controlled my hair loss and now, I have beautiful hair. It is very hard to manage your hair while studying but with Richfeel, my hair feels rich, happy and manageable.” – Paridhi Gupta
  • I am 28 and I started getting grey hair. Was it the water? Was it stress?  I do not know! My fiancé made fun of me because of the premature greying of hair. My colleague showed me a YouTube video of Richfeel hair treatment. It is an effective treatment but it is very time-consuming.” – Misha
  • Thank you, Richfeel! I was bald and after the hair transplantation Richfeel treatment, I have hair on my head. I used to feel conscious and now, I feel confident and young. The only trouble is that it was out of my budget. However, good things come with a price.” – Sayantanu Dutta  

You may watch what deepak has to say about Richfeel –

Everything You Need to Know about RichFeel’s Anagrow Hair Thinning Treatment

We associate youth with rich and healthy hair! Every time we see an advertisement on the television, we wish that our hair was as gorgeous and shiny as the model’s hair. When you start ageing, thick and smooth hair becomes a distant dream. What to do in such scenarios? RichFeel offers you Anagrow Hair treatment which helps you to get your thick and long hair days back. Anagrow treatment is a plant stem cell therapy which controls hair loss. The origin of this effective treatment is Swiss-Italian. According to RichFeel hair treatment review on YouTube channels and blogs, we found out that the anagrow hair treatment has proved to be really helpful for most of the clients.

There is an Anagrow10 x Machine which helps in fighting the five signs of hair thinning. It detoxifies the scalp and removes DHT. DHT is the main cause of thinning of hair in both men and women. It is basically a three step procedure which includes detox, rejuvenation and vaculase. In this treatment, there are revitalising properties in the ingredients like Green Apple, Argan, Pea Plant and Nano-Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10. It facilitates hair growth and gives you thick and shiny hair.  Also, it will help you to mask the bald patches on your head. The treatment has worked for many people and there is no harm to opt for this treatment. It is completely safe and many customers have given positive reviews for the same.

Useful Richfeel Reviews from Real Customers –

  • “I was apprehensive to try the anagrow hair treatment! I was worried that I will lose more hair. However, it was time for me to do something about my thin hair and so, I went for the treatment. It did not work well for me! I did not lose hair but there is no change.” – Nisha
  • “I am 23 and I lost a lot of hair due to hard water. It was terrible! Being a girl, I used to feel ashamed that I have such thin and lifeless hair. After going for RichFeel hair treatment, you will not believe your eyes because my hair looks so glossy and thick. I would recommend the RichFeel anagrow hair treatment.” – Sonali Kashyap
  • “Hello! I am studying for UPSC and I lost hair due to tension and many other reasons. Being young boy and I became concerned about my looks as everybody started teasing me for my thin hair. I took out time and went for the RichFeel hair treatment. It has changed my life! I am a handsome man now and I feel so young!” – Rishi Raj
  • “I was scared to go for the RichFeel hair treatment.  My friends told me to go for it because they had seen results. I do not see much improvement. I do not know why it is taking so much time!” – Manish Khattar

Watch the feedback of Pranjal Pawar on his hair loss treatment at Richfeel –

What should you keep in mind before opting for RichFeel Hair Treatment?

RichFeel hair treatment has proved to be effective for some people. However, you need to keep certain points in mind, before you opt for the treatment. The treatment takes time and so, you have to be prepared to take out time. Although there will be no scarring during the procedure but there will be small pits that will eventually heal. The treatment does not involve major surgery and it is performed under local anaesthesia. This is a permanent solution for hair thinning and baldness. You will be happy with your decision of choosing RichFeel. Most of the RichFeel hair treatment review on Quora and blogs were positive.

Pros and Cons of the Treatment

Pros Cons
Clinically Tested. Safe treatment Time-consuming hair treatment
Effective for hair thinning and baldness
Qualified doctors perform the treatment
Positive reviews from customers. Trusted treatment.

How to proceed for the RichFeel hair treatment?

When you face hair problems such as baldness, hair thinning and greying, your confidence levels go down and you wish for a solution. RichFeel hair treatment has been effective for some people. Hair loss should not put an end to your youth days. Stress can make your hair grey and lifeless. You can take a free consultation before going for the treatment. It is advisable for you to read more reviews and go through the pros and cons before you decide to go for the treatment. RichFeel has received a mixed feedback and we did a research across different parts of the country and they feel that RichFeel hair treatment is safe and effective.

Final Verdict

As a team, we researched and did a survey and we received positive feedback from people. They tried the hair treatment and it has worked well for them! We have heard good things about the treatment and there is no harm in trying it. It may solve the problem of hair fall, baldness and greying. Will we suggest it to our readers? After reading blogs and watching videos, we are convinced that the RichFeel anagrow and hair treatment will be a wise decision for you. If you can afford it and have the time, you should go for it.

21 Replies to “Richfeel Reviews : Is richfeel good ? Is the treatment effective ?”

  1. I was suffering from hair thining problem from last 2-3 years. I visited various clinics but I was never satisfied with result. Then one of my friend suggested me about the Richfeel. I booked my appointment there within a week. To be honest I am really satisfied by the results which I got after visiting the richfeel. It was a good experience.

  2. Me and my friend both were facing dandruff problem. one of our common friend recommended us to try richfeel. We both together decided to have a treatment at richfeel. The doctors there are really supportive and solved all my queries related to problem. Now my problem is slowly decreasing day by day. Thank you Richfeel.

  3. I was facing a lot of hair related problem and then i came to know about richfeel. They promised me that they will cure my problem in 3 months. But even after having treatment there for six months my condition is still same and having no improvement.

  4. Not at all satisfied by the treatment at richfeel. It is really a waste of time and money. I will definitely not recommended any one to have a treatment at richfeel.

  5. Me and My friend both together decided to have a treatment at richfeel to cure our respective problems. We both are really dissapointed by their treatment and service.If you really want to waste your precious amount of money then only go to richfeel. They never pay close attention to their patients.

  6. I am really thankful to doctors at Richfeel. They really helped me alot to cure my hair fall problem. They gave me personal attention and listened to all my problems carefully and gave me suggestions according to that. It really helped me a lot

  7. I have never seen such money minded doctors anywhere. In my first 3-4 appointments only i understood that they only want to earn money. They never care for their patients financial condition. Really disappointed

  8. From last one year I am really facing a lot of hair related problems. I really need suggestions from anyone who had treatment at Richfeel or at Dr Batra clinic. Please suggest me which one is better for hair related treatments treatment.

  9. 2 years back I took my father to richfeel center in mumbai. He was severly balding and losing hair at fast pace. the doctors at richfeel guided me to know the problems of my father more deeply and suggested a treatment which changed the hair loss pattern of my father. my father stopped losing his hair and had recoveries in some areas as well.

  10. i am 24 and losing my hair. i am really tensed and looking for a treatment to stop hair fall. can richfeel hair treatment solve the hair fall issue ? Also are there side effects with richfeel products ? if someone can guide me, it would be great help.

  11. No. Richfeel is really disappointing. The doctors advised me to take 3 different types of hair oil for treating my hair oil but only 1 of them was sufficient to cure my issue. My friends had very positive experience at richfeel but in my case I do not know but I am unhappy.

  12. here in mumbai, richfeel has a very strong brand reputation. many of my friends have been customers of richfeel and all of them are satisfied. I am also looking forward to anagrow treatment at Borivali or Vashi Clinic. Can anyone suggest which center has more better facilities ?

    1. Both borivali and Vashi center are excellent but if you are looking for anagrow treatment, I would recommend Borivali center because the trichologist at Borivali is a specialist in Anagrow.

  13. The variety of services at richfeel is quite diverse. I have been to dr. batra but was not satisfied with their services. Hence went to Richfeel Noida Clinic. They offer hair transplant, TST+, anagrow ,etc. All services are pretty good ! My brother has been through hair transplant recently

  14. richfeel has been quite effective in my case. for hail fall and hair thinning, richfeel products are super awesome. i have been using jaborandi hair oil for last 2 years and i have reduced hair loss completely. also there are various portal where people have reviewed richfeel. it depends on the individual for the treatment to work.

  15. i met a doctor from germany who explained to me the science behind hair transplant. infact he was part of richfeel about some years ago in one of their mumbai clinic. i have heard testimonials from people who experienced richfeel’s various products and services such as TST+ & anacover. they are happy with it and richfeel as a brand is growing in india.

  16. on suggestion of my father’s friend, i bought richfeel’s jaborandi hair oil and i have been using it since last 1.5 years. Its a great product honestly. My father’s friend was suffering from hair loss. he tried various clinics and finally he got solution at Richfeel. I guess he had undergone TST+ hair fall control treatment. Nonetheless, thanks richfeel

  17. richfeel’s treatment is ineffective. i tried various hair treatment at richfeel’s delhi clinics. the hair transplant cost are high and yet not effective. dr batra is even worse. i tried both of them and none of them works. its either the service is bad or my hair problems can’t be resolved. but many people sing praises of richfeel. the anacover treatment is little better

  18. Richfeel has opened up many clinics these days especially in metros such as Mumbai, Banglore and Delhi. Due to high stress and work pressure, people are aging early and losing hair. Richfeel is great in providing hair care services. The anacover treatment is great.

  19. I am in my early 30s. Hair loss has always haunted me and now as I reached my 30 the nightmare became a reality. I lost hair from the front side that made me look much older than my real age. My friends often made fun of me and so I preferred always wearing a cap. But, that was not the kind of solution I was looking for. Then on recommendation of a relative I visited Richfeel and finally found permanent solution for my hair. The trichologists at Richfeel carefully analysed my hair type and scalp condition. I got a customised hair forever system for me. I am so happy because it just looks so real. People who did not know about my hair loss problem, won’t even know it anymore. The fit is perfect and it’s so comfortable that it feels like my very own scalp and hair.

  20. I came to RichFeel Clinic for hair and scalp problem & I am very thankful to RichFeel Bandra clinic’s hair doctor (trichologist) as my hair loss problem is almost cure and their hair grow treatment is very effective as my hair density improves. very happy with treatment.

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