Richfeel Jayanagar, Bangalore Clinic Review

The most important assets of a woman’s beauty are her hair. She loves to experiment with her hair trying a new hairstyle every single day to look her best. There can be no feeling worse than having a scalp that has less hair for a woman. With scanty hair, she feels miserable and losing out all the confidence. Also, it may make you look older than your age.

When it comes to hair problems, Richfeel is the name that comes to our mind. With so many years of service in the field of hair science, they have an image of treating the worst hair problems in an easy and efficient manner. They have experts who can closely examine your hair and look for the internal problem that you are facing and consequently providing you with the solutions. However, just trusting the brand name isn’t a way of going about it. You should be intelligent enough to make such a wise decision. Today, to let you be decisive, we have a quick review of the services provided at the Richfeel Trichology Center Jayanagar, Bangalore.

There are certain parameters that you judge some of the services being provided by a particular clinic. The same way we too have judged on those parameters that go like this:

Value for Money

We are aware that to be treated here, you will have to spend quite a lot. However, after getting the services at Richfeel Jayanagar Clinic, you will see that the services are worth the money that you pay. Getting great results is a must while buying any services. You will really feel that all your money has been reimbursed once you see a positive change in your hair.

Satisfactory Results

The results of the clinic are quite satisfactory. I was able to see that Anagrow, the hair thinning treatment did wonder to my life bringing out a new me who was more confident and interactive. I haven’t seen people being dissatisfied with the services being provided there.

World Class Trichologists

The Trichologists are definitely experts who know how to deal with the most peculiar issues. They will treat you the best as I was treated. The way doctors talk, you will see that they are surely going to do some magic that will work the best for you.

Customer Satisfaction

There is a special team that works entirely on customers’ satisfaction. This explains how important each customer is to them. They will ask you personalized reviews about how you felt about the services. It brings a sense of belongingness in you.

Latest Technology

They use the latest technology that does wonders for you. The technology and equipment being used are after conducting great experiments so that you get the best treatment. For the same reason, the treatment is a bit expensive. After all, all that matters at the end is whether your problem has been catered with a solution or not.

Personalized Treatment

You will be greeted well by the staff. Also, you will get personalized and customized treatment that has no harmful effects for you.

Some of the pros and cons are listed below

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Jayanagar, Clinic, Bangalore

  • Customized treatment you get
  • The latest technology and world class trichologists get you great results
  • You get great satisfaction with the services
  • Solution to all your hair problems
  • Great range of products that brand manufactures that do wonders
  • Uses latest equipments to treat you the best

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Jayanagar, Clinic, Bangalore

  • The treatment is expensive

Karma Review

All that you expect after spending a lot of money is great results and good behavior and they definitely work forward to provide you the best. You will be happy to see such good aesthetics that staff people have at Jayanagar center. There are many service providers who give services, but there are quite less who ask whether you are completely satisfied or not. Richfeel is one of them. Getting all your lost hair back is an incomparable experience and all the credit goes to this clinic.

Is buying the services at Richfeel Trichology Center, Bangalore recommended?

You should surely go and spend your money on the services there to get the most effective services that last long. We hope that the review was helpful in taking a good decision now.

3 Replies to “Richfeel Jayanagar, Bangalore Clinic Review”

  1. banglore clinic of richfeel is equipped with sophisticated technology. the hair treatment at richfeel is worth the cost and i have seen a lot of improvement in the hair growth.

  2. my friend has taken anagrow hair treatment at banglore clinic of richfeel. he seems to be satisfied with the service and has got a huge improvement in his looks. he told me about dr shah’s expertise and experience and i am also planning to pay a visit to richfeel center.

  3. i was always confused between dr. batra vs richfeel and finally i chose rich feel and thank god it was a good decision because my colleague guided me to richfeel, which now in hindsight seemed logical. Finally i am seeing improvement in hair growth

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