Streax Hair Color Review

Nowadays, the demand for hair colors is on a consistent rise. There are two possible reasons for this. First, people prefer hiding their gray hair by coloring the hair. Secondly, flaunting a stylish look never goes out of fashion. Hence, hair colors play a prominent role in altering your look. Streax hair colors are one of the most sought after brands in India. They offer various impressive shades such as:

  • Dark Brown
  • Cinnamon Red
  • Natural Black
  • Burgundy
  • Golden Blonde
  • Reddish Brown
  • Darkest Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Plum
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut Brown

As you can see, there are various shades available for purchase. But, are Streax hair colors worth investing in? We have conducted a detailed review of Streax hair colors. During the analysis, we incorporated various aspects of Streax hair colors. Let us have a look at them.

Effectiveness – 4/5

Streax hair colors are a perfect choice for those who want long-lasting hair color. Along with this, the chemical-free formula will render minimum damage to the hair. Some of the hair colors are infused with natural agents like walnut oil, passion fruit, and so on. This imparts everlasting shine to the hair. Almost all the colors are rich in kera-vit ingredient. This strengthens the follicles for stronger hair.

Color Effects – 4/5

As evident by the different range of colors, Streax has worked hard to produce impressive colors. The colors have been developed according to the different skin complex of the people. Some of the shades like Burgundy, Honey Blonde, Brown, etc are suitable for everyone. If someone wants to boast an exotic color, Cinnamon Red and Mahogany seems to be suitable options. Almost all the hair colors are ammonia-free. Hence, you are assured of no hair damage.

Value for Money – 5/5

If you just browse through the market prices of hair colors, you will notice that Streax offers some of the amazing products at the most affordable prices. For those, who regularly use hair colors, they can opt for Streax hair colors. And it is not just about the prices, the quality of the hair color is commendable as well. You get the benefits of natural components that will protect your hair.

Ease of Application – 4/5

Every Streax Hair Color comes with all the ingredients required for coloring the hair. Generally, it includes powder, developer, conditioner, gloves, mixing bowl, applying brush, and an instruction manual. Hence, you get everything you need to apply hair color without any problems. Just follow the instructions to get the best shade on your hair. As per our review, Streax hair colors are easy to apply.

Pros  of Streax Hair Color

  • The affordable price is the most convenient factor for the buyers. You don’t need to shell out hefty amount of money at the salons
  • With all the necessary items and the instructions manual, you can easily make the mixture and apply it on the hair
  • With proper care, the hair color lasts for a longer duration. Moreover, the shine will be maintained as well
  • It does not cause irritation on the scalp. And it also prevents drying of the hair

Cons of Streax Hair Color

  • If you don’t follow instructions properly, you may not get the desired result
  • If you have already colored hair, the final color may vary from the mentioned color
  • Some of the colors are not ammonia-free

Karma Review

As per our detailed analysis, Streax hair colors meet the expectations of the buyer. Streax provides impressive shades according to the different skin types. This means, there is something for everyone. The presence of natural ingredients boosts the health of the hair. Streax doesn’t compromise on the quality aspect of the product. You get everything that is needed to apply color on your hair.

The Kera-vit conditioner works on the roots of the hair. This further strengthens the hair. Along with this, it helps in sustaining the hair color for a longer duration. All these benefits at such reasonable prices! People who are looking for professional products at reasonable costs, they can opt for Streax Hair Colors.

Would I Buy Streax Hair Color?

As per the costs and the results of Streax hair color, I would definitely recommend buying it. You can get the desired shade at affordable costs. Now, you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on salon bills.

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