Streax Hair Serum Review

Frizzy and tangled hair is the story of every woman. Gone are the days when you didn’t have any option to manage your hair effectively. Nowadays, you have numerous products that simplify your job of managing hair with sheer perfection. Streax Hair Serum is one of those products and today, we are reviewing two variants of Streax Hair Serum.

The first product is Streax Hair Serum Vitalized with Walnut Oil and the second product is Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS with Vitamin E. As you can see, both the products have a special ingredient in them. This makes them different in terms of effectiveness. Let us continue with Streax Hair Serum review to determine the overall usefulness of these products.

Effectiveness – 4/5

The main job of the hair serum is to untangled and smoothened hair. And to our utter surprise, these Streax Hair Serums do a perfect job in this segment. After application of the hair serum, you can notice soft and silky hair. Moreover, the serum keeps your hair untangled for the whole day. You can feel the silky texture of your hair. After applying Streax Hair Serum, you can easily manage your hair without any major issues.

Ingredients – 4/5

The presence of Walnut Oil in Streax Hair Serum Vitalized with Walnut Oil does the trick. It helps in retaining the shine in the hair. Most of the serums use silicon to impart the shine on the hair. Sometimes, the presence of silicon may not suit everyone. Therefore, walnut oil seems to be a feasible option in this case.

Vitamin E accomplishes the same job when you use Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA Gloss with Vitamin E. Along with this; the presence of Almond Oil also keeps your hair healthy and lustrous.

Application – 4/5

Both the serums are integrated with a pump dispenser that blurts out the appropriate amount of hair serum. If you have medium length hair, you can pump it twice. The texture of the Streax Hair Serums is watery, unlike other serums in the market.

After shampooing your hair, apply the Streax Hair Serum on the wet hair. After this, use the blower to dry and style the hair. The serum will impart the shine to hair. You can re-apply it if you feel the need to do so.

Value for Money – 5/5

If you consider other reputed brands, it will cost you more. When you buy a 100 ml bottle of Streax Hair Serum Vitalized with Walnut oil, it will cost you Rs 190. For Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS with Vitamin E, you have to pay Rs 185 for a 100 ml bottle. Considering their effectiveness, it seems to be the best deal in the hair serum segment.

Pros of Streax Hair Serum

  • Easily available in the market and at the online stores
  • The affordable costs facilitate more sales
  • Streax Hair Serum contains natural compounds like Walnut Oil, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. This prevents contamination of hair
  • Works brilliantly for frizzy and dry hair

Cons of Streax Hair Serum

  • The smell of the serum may not suit everyone alike. Some may like it and some may disapprove it
  • The shine lasts for a limited duration. You can re-apply Streax Hair Serum to revive the shine

Karma Review

A buyer wants a wholesome product that encompasses the affordable costs and splendid results. Streax Hair Serum meets the aforementioned requirement of the buyers. You get an amazing product at a reasonable cost.

Streax Hair Serum Vitalized with Walnut Oil is a suitable product for those who want an everlasting shine throughout the day. Moreover, it is effective in imparting the much-needed silkiness.

Streax Pro Hair Serum VITA GLOSS with Vitamin E is specially designed for the damaged and frizzy hair. Now, you don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore. You just need to use this serum for adding the luster and the silkiness.

The watery texture of the serums facilitates better penetration. This way, you can easily manage your hair after shampooing them.

Would I buy Streax Hair Serum?

With such amazing results at such an affordable costs, it is a must buy. I would definitely recommend it to others. If you are the one who is fed up of dry and rough hair, Streax Hair Serums are the perfect recommendations for you.

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