Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Oh God!! It is just not possible to go for a party or even out on a date in your favorite sleeveless top or your blue denim skirt without waxed arms and legs. I really wonder that there has been a tremendous change in the condition of women in a society but certain are things which are just same i.e. Our periods and our waxed arms and legs. I swear men just cannot stand even a strand of hair on women’s arm or legs. In such a busy city life, it becomes next to impossible to go to saloons and get the waxing or threading done.

I am blessed to have a solution at my doorstep as a hair removal cream or a razor which helps you to get rid of your hair within few minutes and just 20 minutes before a party. Still, we are much conscious about the roughness of the skin that is caused after that. Veet Sensitive Touch is a boon for all the girls out there who are reading this review. Veet Sensitive Touch is an electric trimmer which removes the hair of arms, under arms, legs and bikini line and leaving the skin soft. Here’s the review about the Veet Sensitive Touch.

Value for Money

The cost of Veet Sensitive Touch is around Rs. 1900 for each. I feel the cost is nominal for such a product and usually, electric products are not available at cheaper prices. It is surely not going to disappoint you if you try and spend your hard earned money on the product.

Saves Time

The days are gone when we used to spend hours in salons and waiting for getting waxing and threading done. All the credit for the above said goes to Veet Sensitive Touch. It saves your time and money.

Gives a smooth and hairless skin

It cuts down the unwanted hair of your body and gives a smoothening effect on your skin. It is a precision with 6mm which removes the hair with fine quality. It does not create rashes and skin irritation.


The box contains two trimming heads separately for each area, comb attachment separately for a different area and styler cap, cleaning brush, beauty pouch, and battery. The product is packed in a pretty pink colored box with a silver trimmer and silver accessories inside it. The box contains more than eight accessories inside it.

Customer Satisfaction

Veet sensitive touch is easy and quick to use leaving a smooth impact on the skin. Hence, it is able to satisfy its customer to great extent. It has created a good chain of customers over a short period of time. Veet sensitive touch is a much-needed thing in every girl’s vanity.

Pros of Veet Sensitive Touch

  • It helps to get rid of unwanted hair on arms, underarms, bikini line and legs.
  • It cuts down the hair smoothly giving a fresh and smoothness to the skin.
  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It is easy to carry in the cutest and smallest of your vanity kits and even while traveling.
  • The trimmer is designed and shaped which is sensitive to all our body parts and even the accessories are designed especially for different areas of the body.
  • Veet Sensitive touch is a cordless device which makes it handy.

Cons of Veet Sensitive Touch

  • It is battery based trimmer, therefore, cannot function in case of battery failure.
  • It might not work out for the oversensitive skin.
  • It has to be used wisely and strictly according to its guidelines otherwise it can cause disaster for your skin.

Karma Review

Veet Sensitive Touch is a very good product and catering high satisfaction to the customers. Veet Sensitive Touch is a highly recommended product and one should go and buy the product as it is a boon for all the girls. It gives your body a ravishing look and smooth look to your body even after shaving. The product is eloquent towards its customers. Hope you find the review helpful to make up your mind towards the purchase of the product. It’s time to say hello to the smart, trendy, sleek cordless trimmer and good bye to the sticky waxing strips and hard razors.

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